Coding For Designers Complete 100% Correct Answers

1) What’s wrong with the following code example?

<p class=”lead”>We are a consulting firm with twenty years of experience. <p>If you’d like to get in touch, please call today!</p>

2) What’s wrong with the following code example?

<ul class=”shopping-list”>

3) What does the following code example do?

.caption {
background-color: #ffffff;

4) What should go between the quotes in the following code example?
<img src=””>

5) If the bottom margin of a <p> element is currently set to zero, which of the following could account for the fact that there is still space between two consecutive paragraphs on a page?

6) Which image file type is not appropriate for use on the web?

7) GIFs are most appropriately used for which kind of images?

8) What typefaces can appear on modern websites?

9) At what resolution should Photoshop files be prepared?

10) What property refers to the space inside a CSS box?

11) Which CSS property controls the size of a typeface?

12) Leading is roughly equal to which CSS property?

13) What does the <div> tag do?

14) During this course, we created buttons by

15) In Google Chrome, the Web Developer Tools (activated with the “Inspect Element” menu item) provide the ability to

16) Which CSS property controls the color of a font?

17) Tracking is roughly equal to which CSS property?

18) Which CSS property controls the left/right/center alignment of text?

19) Charo has created the following CSS class selector to make some text 14 pixels large. Her HTML is correct, but the class is still not working. Why?

#date {
fontsize: 14 pixels;

20) The best-practice HTML tags for coding navigation menus are

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