SEMrush For Digital Agencies Certification Answers 2021

Exam Name: SEMrush for Digital Agencies Certification

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SEMrush For Digital Agencies Certification Questions

  1. The Oppty Sales Intelligence Tool By SEMrush Offers A List Of Local Prospects Qualified Based On:
  2. Can You Create Your Own Custom Report Template And Share It With Your Colleagues?
  3. You can tag your projects to easily sort through them. E.g. to see which ones are on hold, which are assigned to a specific team member, etc.
  4. SEMrush offers a free Position Tracking mobile app that allows you to measure the success of your SEO on the go, including ranking fluctuations, visibility and traffic trends, and more.
  5. Custom triggers allow you to set up notifications, so you can receive an alert in case there are any notable changes in your Position Tracking campaign. E.g. if any keyword enters or leaves the top 3/5/10 positions etc.
  6. SEMrush offers its original Google Data Studio connectors, so you can pull data from Position Tracking and Domain Analytics into your GDS account.
  7. SEMrush offers multiple connection points to provide even more insights through integration with other data sources. Is Adobe Analytics one of them?
  8. Which SEMrush tool helps identify the audience sizes of two websites and how similar they are?
  9. Does SEMrush offer data on the online presence of any website — its number of visits, traffic sources, user behavior, most visited pages, etc?
  10. Which of the following statements about the Notes tool are true? Pick three answers.
  11. A freelance copywriter or a team member without an SEMrush account can leverage checks on plagiarism, readability, tone of voice provided by SEO Writing Assistant simply by accessing a Google Docs template created by an SEMrush user.
  12. You can connect your clients’ Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to SEMrush to receive more insights, personalized recommendations, and prioritize your tasks.
  13. Which of the following can you do with the SEMrush Lead Generation tool? Pick 3 options.
  14. Which tool allows you to compare multiple domains or various search metrics for a single domain and pick data visualization type?
  15. Which of the following data is NOT available within the Market Explorer tool?
  16. Does SEMrush have an affiliate program that allows agencies to earn more money?
  17. API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to extract raw data without having to manually log into the software and pull it into another tool / interface of your choice. Please pick one correct statement about SEMrush APIs.
  18. What are the options for creating a PDF report within SEMrush? Pick 1 WRONG answers.
  19. Is it possible to create white-label reports with SEMrush (completely replacing SEMrush branding with your own)?
  20. Content Audit is one of the SEMrush Project tools. Pick 3 jobs it can do for you.
  21. Which of the following features are available within SEMrush Marketing Calendar? Pick 4 answers.
  22. If you want to be able to track your client’s progress over time and manage their online visibility across multiple marketing channels, which is the best option?
  23. Which tool allows you to locate gaps in your client’s organic or paid search strategy, benchmarking them against up to 4 competitors?
  24. From which sources can you pull data into My Reports? Pick 3 answers.
  25. Which of the following statements about sharing a project are true? Pick 3 options.
  26. The Oppty sales intelligence tool by SEMrush offers a list of local prospects qualified based on the negative search visibility trend, so you can reach out to them with a tailored proposal.
  27. The ‘Quick modify’ button in my reports allows you to make bulk changes to the widgets in your report (e.g. change the time range or a domain).
  28. Which tools would you use to help out a local client? Pick 6 options.
  29. What can you NOT do with the Project list?
  30. You can easily migrate from your existing calendar software and transfer your scheduled activities to the SEMrush Marketing Calendar through importing a .ics file.
  31. Which of the following can you do with My Reports PDF report builder? Pick 5 answers.
  32. If you have a client with a domain that covers multiple languages (or countries), is it possible to set up a single SEMrush project for them?
  33. You can outsource content writing to SEMrush and order a new article right from the interface.
  34. The Oppty sales intelligence tool by SEMrush offers a list of local prospects qualified based on growing marketing spend, so you can reach out to them with a tailored proposal.
  35. Which SEMrush Tool Provides Data About Any Domain’s Market Share, Audience Interests And Top Domains In A Determined Business Niche?
  36. How Can You Get Access To White-Label Reports With SEMrush (Completely Replacing SEMrush Branding With Your Own)? Choose 2 Options.