SEMrush Local SEO Exam Answers 2020

Exam Name: SEMrush Local SEO Exam

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SEMrush Local SEO Exam Questions

  1. How do you know if you need Local SEO?
  2. There’s no difference in ranking factors between traditional and Local SEO, the only thing different is the signal weights.
  3. Name the solid local link building strategy:
  4. The most important content tip from Greg is:
  5. For Local SEO, citations are
  6. The ideal review score is:
  7. The Link Building tool allows you to discover whether an acquired backlink was indexed by Google. True or false?
  8. You should reply to
  9. Your Google My Business listing is
  10. If you’re using the standard “What’s New?” template, Google Posts stay live for
  11. You’re allowed to ask and answer your own questions in the GMB Questions and Answers section.