Competitor Analysis With SEMrush Exam Answers 2021

Exam Name: Competitor Analysis with SEMrush Exam

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Competitor Analysis With SEMrush Exam Questions

  1. How many competitors can you compare in the audience overlap widget in the Traffic Analytics?
  2. In the Top Pages report, you can learn:
  3. What metrics govern the Market Explorer categories (Niche Player, Established Player, Game Changer, and Leaders)? Choose two answers.
  4. If you see an Established Player has neglected Facebook and Instagram as a channel, what does that teach you?
  5. Which SEMrush tool can help you to benchmark your campaigns against the competition by exploring your competitors’ best-performing pages and finding insights on which media channels to partner with?
  6. True or False: With the help of the Keyword Gap tool you can optimize your organic and paid search efforts by seeing which terms you and your competitor are ranking for.
  7. What can the Topic Research tool teach you about your competitors? Choose two answers.
  8. If you don’t know which competitors to focus on, which SEMrush tool can help you get the lay of the land?
  9. True or False: A competitor with low audience overlap should be ignored.
  10. True or False: In order to gain competitor insights on social campaigns, you need to connect your own social channels first.