During this course, we created buttons by

Styling <a> tags with CSS Uploading images created in Photoshop Using the <button> tag Using the <div> and <span> tags EXPLANATION The <a> element (or anchor element) defines a hyperlink for linking to internal and external content.

What does the

Creates a box with a black border/outline Divides a page visually into columns Creates a horizontal rule Creates an invisible box that can be styled with CSS EXPLANATION The <div> element (or division element) is a generic, non-semantic, container or …
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What property refers to the space inside a CSS box?

height margin border padding EXPLANATION The padding property sets the padding space on all sides of an element. The padding area is the inside space between the content and border of an element. Negative values are not allowed.

What typefaces can appear on modern websites?

Any typeface the designer owns Only typefaces pre-installed on Macs and PCs Any typeface that’s licensed for web use Any typeface downloaded from the web EXPLANATION Type foundries and distributors have drastically restricted which and how fonts can appear on …
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