SEMrush Advertising Toolkit Exam Answers 2021

Exam Name: SEMrush Advertising Toolkit Certification

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  1. You can see copies of your competitors’ PLAs with the help of SEMrush.
  2. Ad Builder DOESN’T allow you to edit several ads simultaneously.
  3. According to the image below, we can say that the domain has bid on the “game of thrones” keyword most.
  4. Most Display Advertising reports have the option to filter results based on device: Desktop, Apple Tablet, Apple Mobile, Android Tablet and Android Mobile.
  5. Which tool allows you to prepare campaigns and keyword groups for exporting to Google Ads?
  6. Which SEMrush tool can help a PPC specialist prepare ad creatives based on gathered semantic kernel and created ad campaign structure?
  7. Which report can be useful for starting an advertising campaign?
  8. With the help of this tool, you can obtain weekly updates on changes in a site’s positions via email.
  9. Your customer has launched an ad campaign. You want to find relevant keywords targeted by his competitor but not your customer. Which tool can help you do this?
  10. You work in a large ad agency. Your customer wants to launch a PPC campaign similar to his competitor’s campaign. You need to prove your strategy to the customer. Which two SEMrush reports will help you get ideas on this competitor’s promotion and evaluate his AdWords budget?
  11. You want to find out whether your competitor prefers to target mobile or desktop users with their ads. Which SEMrush report should you use?
  12. Which tool should you use in order to see the sources where your competitor published display ads?
  13. Which SEMrush reports help a PPC specialist gather a semantic kernel for an ad campaign launch? Choose three answers.
  14. What step should you take after you have grouped new keywords and moved them from one group to another?
  15. What keywords CANNOT be compared with the help of Keyword Gap?
  16. Which SEMrush tools can help a PPC specialist determine what search queries people type in to find information about a specific topic, like backyard swimming pools? Choose two answers.
  17. The “Full Advertising Research Report” generated within the My Reports tool includes these two reports:
  18. The SEMrush Charts tool helps you thoroughly analyze your and your competitors’ campaigns based on trends and their comparison. Look at the image below. Which month was the most successful for in terms of cost per acquisition?
  19. Which types of ads can be created with Ad Builder? Choose two answers.
  20. Which sources can be used for adding keywords to your ad campaign when working with the PPC Keyword tool? Choose three answers.
  21. Which SEMrush tool will you use to analyze how your competitors’ brand ads performed for specific paid keywords over the last year to get insights on how to adjust your own bidding strategy?
  22. Which tool provides you with information about your competitors’ paid and organic search, display advertising and backlinks on one page?
  23. Which SEMrush tool allows you to analyze and compare PPC costs (avg. CPC) and PPC demand (avg. search volume) in the most popular niches, from Banking to Fashion, across different states or regions side by side?
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