HSC Full Form – What Is The Meaning Of HSC?

HSC full form, HSC Abbreviation, HSC Kya Hai, HSC Meaning, HSC Full Form. In this blog post, we will answer all your queries related to the full form of the HSC.

HSC Full Form What Is The Meaning Of HSC

Hello friends, in this article we are going to give you information about HSC, often people do not know about HSC, what is it and what is HSC Full Form is, then we will tell you complete information related to it through this article.

So that you can get complete information about HSC in a single article.

The Full form of HSC is Higher Secondary School Certificate.


HSC Full Form

The full form of HSC and SSC are

  1. HSC – Higher Secondary Certificate (Class12th)
  2. SSC – Secondary School Certificate (Class 10th)

Higher Secondary Certificate OR Higher Secondary School Certificate

  • H = Higher
  • S = Secondary
  • C = Certificate.

What Is The Full Form Of HSC?

The full form of HSC in English is HIGHER SECONDARY CERTIFICATE and it is called Higher Secondary Certificate in Hindi.

It is also known as HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE. This certificate is obtained after passing the class XII examination.

The HSC exam is conducted at the state level.

It is also known as HSSC Class 12 (Class XII).

What Is HSC?

Like we told you that this is a type of course and any student passes the class XII, after that, a certificate is given to that student by the school and it will be given to any student after passing the HSC examination.

  • It is awarded on the basis of the percentage of marks obtained by him.
  • The main objective of HSC is to provide higher education to all the children of the country.
  • There are state board CBSE and many other such boards which provide you the certificate of HSC when any student gives the examination to the outside then he/she will be eligible for the HSC examination.
  • And this exam is considered very important for all the candidates because only after doing this you can continue your further studies.
  • You can also study engineering or MBBS etc. to pass the HSC exam. Can do it only after.
  • The marks you get in the HSC exam are useful for you in many different fields in the future and many people consider it as board exam marks and if your marks are good in this then you will get admission to good colleges.
  • And if the marks are good, then you also have the possibility of getting a job in a good post in any company, etc.
  • Apart from this, it is useful for you in many different fields if you get good marks.

HSC Exam Conducting Boards:

In some states of India, the exam structure of HSC is different from that of the board.

This state is as follows:

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Goa
  • Gujarat
  • Kerala
  • Maharashtra
  • Punjab
  • Tamil Nadu

The following board exams are held in these states: UP Board, MP Board, Bihar Board, Maharashtra Board, CBSE Board, NIOS Board, and ISC Board, etc.

Topics To Be Covered In HSC Exam:

After obtaining the Senior Secondary Certificate, students can appear for the Higher Secondary Examination.

The Higher Secondary examinations are divided into the following two parts:

  1. Science Program
  2. Non-Science Programs

As soon as you get many subjects in HSC, from which you can choose any subject according to your need and we are telling you about some subjects which you get in HSC.

Following are the main subjects of HSC:

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • chemistry

The arts subjects comprise mainly of the following subjects:

  • Economics
  • Education
  • Geography
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Political science
  • Accountancy
  • Business Mathematics
  • Commerce
  • Company Law and Business Studies
  • Economics

Apart from this, you also get a variety of different subjects in this, whose information you can also get from the concerned school and out of this you can choose any subject as per your wish and study in it.

Other Full Forms Of The Word HSC:

Huston sports and social club
healthcare sector skill counseling
high school summer college

Other Full Form Of HSC

  • Haryana State Selection Commission
  • Haryana Staff Selection Commission
  • HIV Screening Standard Care
  • Health Sciences Students Council
  • Humane Society of Summit County
  • Home Savings Bank of Siler City
  • High School Summer College
  • Healthcare Sector Skill Council
  • Humane Society Sarasota County
  • Houston Sports and Social Club
  • Hawaii State Student Council
  • Heating Sweating Spontaneous Combustion
  • Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee

What is the Full Form of HSC?

Higher Secondary School Certificate is a full form of HSC.

What Does HSC Stand For? – Full Form


HSCHigher Secondary certificateOther
HSCHelicopter Sea Combat (navy)Military and Defence
HSCHematopoietic Stem CellBritish Medicine
HSCHospital Santa CristinaMedical
HSCHigh Speed ChannelGovernment
HSCHospital San CarlosMedical
HSCHierarchical Storage ControllerComputing
HSCHigh Speed CraftMilitary
HSCHospital Santa CatarinaMedical
HSCHospital Santa Cruz Medical
HSC Hospital for Sick Children Medical
HSC Hispanic Service CenterOrganization
HSC Honda Sportscar ConceptSports
HSC Health and Social CareOther
HSC Hospital del Sagrado CorazonMedical
HSC Hospital San Camilo Medical
HSC Hydrogen Synthesiser CannonChemistry
HSC Honda Sports ConceptSports
HSC Hospital de la Santa CruzMedical
HSC Hampden Sydney CollegeEducational Institute
HSC Healthy Schools CampaignOrganization
HSC Hematopoietic Stem CellPhysiology
HSC Harsco CorporationNYSE Symbol
HSC Homeland Security CouncilFDA
HSC Higher School CertificateEducation
HSC Hsc Tracker 2-op Fm Music FileFile Type
HSC Health Services CommandMilitary
HSC Headwaters Science CenterOrganization
HSC Heritage Sports CollectiblesSports
HSC Health Services at ColumbiaOrganization
HSC HASAN CITYIndian Railway Station
HSC High SchoolMisc
HSC Hospital Santa ColetaMedical
HSC Hardware/software CoordinationSpace Science
HSC Hopital Santa CabriniMedical
HSC Hardware Systems CommandMilitary
HSC Human Systems CenterGovernment
HSC High Speed ConnectTelecom
HSC Health and Safety CommissionVeterinary
HSC Health Sciences CentreMedical
HSC Hospital Sao CaetanoMedical


In this post, we have tried to tell you the information related to HSC Full Form in Hindi and what is HSC, and who is called HSC is, we hope that you will find the information given by us useful, if you like the information, then share it with your friends.

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